Emergency--chicken hung like fish

johanna_h(Z5 SW MI)April 26, 2009

A squawking alarm sounded in my barn 20 minutes ago. The chicken pen is L shaped. The rooster and a couple of hens were in one side of the L, not where they usually roost. But they seemed to be fine. Then I looked on the roosting side and discovered a hen hanging from a heavy-gauge wire. I thought she was dead with the wire around her neck.

I got a snow shovel that was right outside the pen and lifted her up to relieve the stress on her neck and realized the wire had a hook at the end and she'd managed to kind of swallow it with the end coming out of her wattle. So I quickly twisted it out of her mouth. She stood right up and hopped down.

Now I'm worried about her, though. There's only a small drop of blood on the outside of her neck. I'm afraid she'll bleed internally. She's also panting and holding her wings away from her body, but maybe that's shock?

Any advice about how I can help her survive this trauma would be appreciated.


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brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)

If it was a puncture from the outside in then the inside will probably stop bleeding at a comparable time with the outside. Other damage might persist. Provide plenty of water, goodluck.

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nhsuzanne(z5 SW-NH)

Johanna - How is your hen this morning? I hope she is okay. How on earth did she manage to get herself in that mess? I hope her panting and holding her wings out is shock and nothing worse.

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johanna_h(Z5 SW MI)


Thanks for asking. She seems fine -- was sitting in the nest box when I just checked. I can see just under her wattle where the wire came through, there's dried blood. Hopefully there won't be any infection and she'll forget it ever happened.


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nhsuzanne(z5 SW-NH)

Johanna, I was thinking of your hen and wonder how she is.

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johanna_h(Z5 SW MI)

None the worse for the wear. Yesterday I thought maybe there was a swelling on her neck, but it must have been the direction I was looking at it because today there's nothing. She eagerly pushed her way to the front of the flock to eat scratch from my hand this morning!


Here is a link that might be useful: My place: Busy Solitude Farm

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Johanna, I'm glad your hen is doing OK. I think I would have had a complete tizzy fit and swoon if I had come up on a hen that way!!! Just the mental image makes me a little queasy, LOL. Lori

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