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hound_dogApril 29, 2010

i am using electronet fencing for raising a couple of feeder pigs. i am looking at different chargers and see that some are 0.5 joules and some are 2 joules and some are higher. does anyone have any experience with how many joules are needed for hogs? would 0.5 joules be enough? thanks! i appreciate any ideas.

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1.5 min-2.0 better

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i have zareba electric netting that i am going to use for the fence. i am wondering how much grounding i need. i have some old copper tubing, would that work for ground rods, if i had three of them pounded three feet in? thanks for the assistance.

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It depends on the soil type and the moisture content. Fence dealers in your area should be able to tell you and the Extension Service might be of help. Are there any other folks around you with electric fencing? If all else fails, just try it. If it doesn't work to your satisfaction, add better ground until it does.

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I'd spend the money & buy the correct rods, better contact without the hollowness of a pipe. Also I don't remember the exact footage the rods should be pound in, but ours were more than 3 feet, and we are in the wet Northeast.

Pigs don't have much hair to speak of so I imagine the 2 Joules would suffice.


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goodhors(z5 MI)

Better go with the heavy jolt, pigs have a good fat layer, sort of self-insulating. Starting with low jolt, pig LEARN to just grit their teeth and go thru the fence anyway. Better to start with REALLY hot fence, burn them good, to prevent bad habits of fence wrecking starting. Little piggies who don't EVEN TRY the wire are the BEST little piggies to have.

Most ground rods are one-piece, 8ft long, pounded into the ground. Dirt needs to be dampish at all times, or grounding does not work reducing jolt of power. Rods are SOLID metal, not pipe, with good connection to the ground wire with clamp screw. Over time the screw of clamp may get corroded, so ground rod is not working. This would be your first place to check with fence problems.

Use heavy wire to the ground rod, power flows better with bigger wire. Pour water over the ground rods if soil is dry, to keep good soil contact for grounding, keeping power up on wire fences.

Do at least a weekly check, make sure fencer is working correctly to prevent animals getting out and injured. They sell some lights that hang on hot wire, start blinking if the fence is not hot. A bit pricy at $18, but could help you prevent animals getting out. Saw them at TSC, called a warning light or fence detector I think. They are in the online TSC catalog too in the fence section. I am thinking of getting a couple myself.

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brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)

Pigs are easily the toughest farm animal. While they are very careful to not eat anything sharp or uncomfortable there is a reason boar spears have a broad hilt on them, its because people used to stab them hunting and then have the boar climb up the spear and gore the heck out of them. Very tough animals.

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I use three ground 8'-0" rods spaced 10'. The are about $20 total at Lowes', so don't skimp since they play a big part in the opertion. One thing to watch for with hogs is they will root dirt and roots onto the fence and short it out. When you hear the dogs bark, look for hogs, usually about midnight or as you are leaving for church.

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