Is newborn goat getting milk?

ilou325April 2, 2008

We have a newborn goat, our first, which is maybe a week old. I'm worried that he isn't getting milk from his mom. He nurses only on one teat and I can't see any sign of milk or anything around the babies' mouth or on the teat. I became concerned because the baby is very little and thin and I can't see any weight gain on him. He doesn't seem sick or weak, as he walks around fine, runs a little, jumps some, struggles and cries when I pick him up. By trial and error I have given him bottles and he will suck a little but doesn't seem interested. Over 4 or 5 days, he's maybe taken 1 ounce just once. If he was hungry, wouldn't he welcome the milk and could he have survived for this long if he wasn't getting milk? He does know how to nurse! I don't think the mother is tame enough to let us try to milk her just to check. Does any of this sound like a problem?

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No problem, it would be long dead if it werent nursing. Won't be long and it will empty the udder.

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Thanks, fancifowl. I'll rest easier tonight! I appreciate your response.

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Also watch to see if its peeing. They can be sneaky at the eating thing at first

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I know it peed on me once, quite a bit and I thought that was a good sign. He's still scrawny and quite active but I can't see any weight gain. Also seems to be grazing! What to do! Thanks, trock.

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Get a fish scale and put that joker in a plastic bag and weigh him. Average daily gains vary. Some meat goat folks brag of .68lbs/day on the young ones (3 months and under) but I'd look for more like .25-.35/lbs/day depending on the breed etc. If he's jumping around and up and about, I'd let mamma handle it.

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Thanks for the info. I'll work on that. We got ahold of the momma and she has milk. We tried to get the baby to nurse out of the bigger side but he wouldn't have it! There is still some colostrum mixed in too, it seems. The baby is still running and jumping about so I'm sure it's not starving. I'm ready to let momma handle it!

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it is getting milk for sure, alot of times I think mom keeps them at a minimum to keep them from getting scours, ( diarea ) I had one born on April fools day, he couldn't even lift his head by the time I got home, my husband said we would lose that one, I took him in, had my husband milk mom, the next day he was up and around, and back in the barn, without milk, they get in bad shape quick!! good luck

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Well, the baby is around 2 weeks old now and I think he's going to be ok. Yesterday I picked him up and his belly felt full although he is still a little sunken-in looking near his hip and you can see his backbone for sure. Maybe he's just skinny! He has been grazing all week and I was'nt expecting that already! Someone told me if the baby is wagging his tail when he's nursing that he is getting milk and he does that! Thanks for your reply, boer.

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What kind of goat is he? Dairy goats look more thin than meat goats. Can you post a picture? Was momma wormed?
Like someone said, he wouldn't have made it if mama wasn't feeding him. What are you feeding mamma?

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My baby goat is growing and filling out, finally! He's even getting a little tummy. He's really cute and like a pet(puppy-lol). Thanks so much.

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