Sick or Hurt Duck

xstalApril 4, 2010

I have a female domestic duck about a year old. She seems to have difficulty standing and isn't as energetic as normal. she will still swim and seems to be eating and drinking just fine, but something is not right. shes not her self and she is too willing to be handled. Very little fight & kicking when picked up. she will waddle with quit a bit of difficulty for a few steps & then promptly sit down. Her tail & wings seem a bit droopy. She seems to have less difficulty & more comfortable sitting in water. I'm very worried she was fine yesterday & I noticed her acting like this to day. What could be wrong with her? My husband seems to think she hurt her leg cause she seems to favor her right side right now. I don't see any cuts or swelling. Something about this reminds me of how chickens act when egg bound. Can Anyone Tell Me What We Might Be Up Against? thanks Xstal

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Just read your post and was wondering if anything had changed for your duck. I agree with your DH, it sounds like she could be egg-bound.

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