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msjay2u(7)April 3, 2009

hey y'all. I have to update you on a few things. Remember I put that ad up on craigslist for a truck and then when I got interesting prospects I decided to check them out, then got sick AGAIN and then when I was up to par they all had been sold?

Okay this is what happened since then. One of my coworkers convinced me that I did not need a truck if I was spending less than $1,000 on it because it was going to turn into a money pit for me and and persuaded me that a trailer on my car would be a better deal. Then my OH (other half) said that trailer would tear the transmission up on my Honda and he talked me out of that. Then I was so confused I talked to my superviosr about it and he told me about this thing he brought for his car. He says not only does he use to for his gardening supplies but also uses it when he goes to the beach. He says that there are tupperware buckets that fit it perfectly (2 side by side) and he fills it to the rim with beach gear. I looked it up on and it was only $89. Much cheaper than a truck and also a trailer!!

When I got to the store they sell it in-store for $69!! So I brought it. It does require a 2" receiver on the hitch so most hitches will require an adapter. Cheapest place I could find the hitch (parts and installation) was U-Haul for $159,

Well I will be beat with a broom. Soon as I get that someone responds to my ad with a 1990 f-150 running, only known problem was some body rust and it just passed emmissions inspection just a couple of months ago. It belonged to his Dad who passed and he drove it done here from NY. He asked me to make an offer I told him that most of the older trucks I was getting asking prices of $500 so my offer was $200. No he did not take that but $500 sounded good to him. I pick up tomorrow if all goes well!!

my supervisor says he uses it when he goes to the beach. Puts all the beach gear and gets no sand in his car or trunk. GOOD IDEA.

Nect thing is on the 7th I will be one month smoke free so I should be able to do more farm work and get off my procrastinating butt. Cigarettes will make you a procrastinator BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO TAKE A LOT OF BREAKS TO KEEP UP WITH YOUR HABIT, and then it relaxes you so....

Lastly You guys know I been sick since December. Well I am finally better. I don't know what it is making me feel like this but it sure does feel good not to be sick anymore.

Then lastly I got an email today about my pallet ad on craigslist and this guy told me if I have a way to haul them off he has 12 pallets I can have for FREE. I am in goat heaven yall!!


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Wow! Lots of great news! Congrats on the smoke free for a month! It's a hard thing to do.

That looks like a handy bucket. How much weight (as in rocks) will it hold? It won't replace a truck, though. You can't carry trees and 8-12' pieces of wood in it, but it's cute and handy looking.

I'm so glad you got a truck! I sure wish hubby would fix mine! What color is it? $500 is an unbelievable price, but autos are quite a bit more money up here. You'll have fun with it. It makes a big difference!

I'm glad you're not sick anymore. I am. Had this cold since Oct. It just keeps coming back but it doesn't stop me.

Congrats again on the truck. You'll ahve to show us what you've found to haul in it.

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Every hour on the hour I think of smoking a cigarette but I feel so good so why ruin it? I am trying to convince myself that not smoking is 100% responsible for me feeling better.

That bucket will hold 250 lbs,,, sorry I don't know how many rocks that is...LOL BUT you would not want to put that much weight in it. I am only going to use it to haul 4 squares of hay at a time plus my animal supplies, and my beach/camping supplies,,,

I pick up the truck tomorrow if all goes well!!

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The best investment I ever made was buying my Honda Element. It has no carpet. The floor is made from a hard plastic liner. The back seats fold up and lift so that it makes a large cargo area. I haul 500 Lbs. of horse feed every 10 days in it. I can carry plants, have carried bales of hay and get 12 large bags of shavings in it every couple of weeks.

Congrats on 1 month smokeless. Thats GREAT. I have a good friend that I have been trying to get to quit. You are very smart and already know that there are many more benefits from not smoking than there are if you do smoke.

KEEP IT UP. Good luck with your truck. I have a truck for hauling the horse trailer. The Element might be able to pull it, but stopping would be a big problem. (Just kidding)!

Here is a link that might be useful: MY BLOG

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