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gardengalrn(5KS)April 23, 2010

You would think that I would learn to carry my camera because so often I see comical things while meandering about or doing chores. DH had built me a box type cage to put my baby chicks in and it opens from the top. I had opened the door and reached in to get the waterers out to change the water and knock the shavings off. I stepped outside to do this, only a few seconds. When I walked back in, sitting there on the top was one of my cats and one of the baby chicks. Just sitting side by side like neither one realized who they were next to, LOL. Now, I do have several "chicken" cats who have really bonded with the big girls and spend most of their day out there with them and many times one or two get shut up in the coop at night by accident. At first I thought they were there only for the mice but then I noticed that they just loved their company, it seemed. They lay in the sun out in the run and there are only one or two that do this. I know that they or the others especially would polish off the chicks if allowed so it was pretty funny to see the two critters sitting side by side like that. Lori

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My barn cat was on friendly terms with my chickens, too. He always followed me down to the hen house when he saw me headed that way with water and shoot in through the door. He was actually a little afraid of the fowl, and my guess is he got curious and pecked a time or two, or else cornered by a roo or two. He was looking for mice, and always surveyed around the periphery of the walls. I know he got caught in there a night or two, and spent the night. LOL. He was always glad to get out.

He also lay outside the old chicken house and waited for a mousey or two to get brave and pop through a knot hole to go explore the vegetable garden. The chicks were safe with him, too.

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We had a litter of kittens born in the chicken house and they grew up with the chickens. They would sleep in the nest boxes and even take dust baths in the piles of DE right along with the chickens. They never even bothered the young chicks but think nothing of a bird snack when they can find one!

We no longer have the chickens and the cats are now 4 years old.

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