Question about goats and mineral blocks

rinten45May 11, 2008

This spring my goats are doing something that I have never encountered in my years of raising goats. So here's a question for all you pro's out there:

I currently have 10 head of goats of a variety of breed. I try to keep a mineral block out for them, but they literally are eating the blocks!! A mineral block only last a couple of days, and it's gone!! Any ideas or suggestions as to why they can't get enough minerals?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Is this a "new" type of mineral block or is it the kind you have always used? I know some of the mineral blocks use more molasses in them and the goats love that. Do you have milkers or animals that have kidded recently? If they aren't getting grain, that might be why they are devouring the mineral block. You could try switching to dry minerals if the cost of the blocks is getting too much. My goats seldom eat the minerals I have out free choice. They eat more loose salt than the minerals. Do you have mineralized salt out as well?

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I'm using a different block now. I used to get the ones mark "Sheep and Goat", and now I'm getting ones just for goats. None of my herd have kidding recently. I do have a salt block out, but it's the white minerals.
Please clue me in on dry minerals. I've never used them. Does it come in a sack? And when putting out, do I just put it loose in a pan?
Thanks again for all the help.

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The block you used marked "Sheep and Goat" did not contain any copper. Copper is toxic for sheep but goats need copper in their diet. Maybe that could be why they are devouring the new blocks that should have copper in them. The dry minerals I buy are made by Purina and I get them in a 50lb. sack at the local feed store. They are specifically for goats. I have a feeder that is mounted in the barn so they can get it free choice along with baking soda and salt. It is in a raised dish mounted on the wall so they can't step in it and it stays clean. I am sure there are other brands of loose goat minerals on the market. Here is a good website about minerals, The Golden Blend minerals from Hoeggers are expensive and you have to pay shipping, so I found that the Purina stuff works just as well. But, my goats also get a balanced goat ration, because they are milking. That is probably why they don't eat much of the minerals I put out.


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I let my goats free range all day do they still need salt thank you

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