Blending the girls

gardengalrn(5KS)May 2, 2009

I have successfully blended my old girls and young girls except that they each go to their separate quarters at night. The young ones are in a temporary house so over the weekend I plan to somehow get them to go to the big coop. I tried just closing that door so they wouldn't have a choice but the drama that ensued when they discovered they couldn't go in kinda gave me a headache, LOL! I gave in because I've been working a bad schedule and didn't have the time or energy to devote to them.

I'm telling you, I have had so much enjoyment out of these darned chickens. I will never regret getting them, even when it is too cold or raining and chores need to be done:) It has been raining and the run is a soupy mess. Since I was home yesterday working in the yard, I let them out. They were so delighted!!!!! They roamed here and there, were nosy about quite a few things and got their fill of young new grass. I plan to let them out again tomorrow since I'll be here all day.

Any good ideas about getting the little girls to go to the big coop? I've been putting their feed container ever closer to the coop door so they would get comfortable in that area generally patrolled by the big girls. Lori

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I had to add my younger chicks (only by 2 weeks) in with the older ones, but I just put their box straight into the new chicken house with the bigger birds. Eventually they decided to venture out. I checked in on them and saw that a few were still scared to get out. The older ones weren't picking on the smaller ones at least, so I sort of shooed them out of their box so they could eat. I even have 2 huge geese in there and they seem to be getting along pretty good. The smaller ones can get away from any bullies too. Just make sure you have more than one feeder and waterer in there, spaced out far enough so that the smaller ones are able to eat and drink without being chased away from them by the bigger birds.

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Well, they got a crash course in going to the coop tonight. I've been waiting for them to see how much nicer it was in there compared to their temporary housing. Many of them go in during the day since I also keep food and water in there and in the pen as well. I closed the door to their housing and waited until just about dusk. As I walked out, I was already formulating my response here as "Success!!" I got up closer and low and behold, all 26 of the younger birds were piled up beside the housing. GRRRR! So I went ahead and lugged each and every one to the coop. They didn't like it much and piled up near the door. I'm hoping if I get out there early to let everyone out, all will be well. Lori

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