i lost my duck!

maryam885May 10, 2008

hello everyone,

I had 2 muscovy ducks in my backyard (it's a large yard with an inground pool converted to a pond that they liked to swim in) and yesterday afternoon i noticed one of them was gone! i asked all my neighbours thinking it may have jumped over the fence but they have not seen her either..the duck that is remaining seems to have lost some feathers around his neck (but no sign of blood or scratches). I have no idea what happened...muscovies can't fly very far so I don't think she would have gotten that far. Australia doesn't have foxes and my yard is well enclosed so i don't know how a predator could have got in. Has this happened to anyone else/ does anyone have any advice on finding my duck? :(


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I'm sorry to hear about your duck! I know even rodents can attack them, at least we had a large rat come into the chicken coop one night, I had forgotten to close the door, and I hear this racket, run over to find something had dragged some of my guineas out of where they were and through a wire enclosure. It sounds like a predator to me. :(

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sundae(NW Iowa)

Sorry to hear its missing. Does your pool still have a filtering system in it? Ya you said its turned into a pond but could the duck swam into it and got itself caught in there?? Best of luck.


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Hmm a rodent could be possible, I've seen some large rats in my garden before. Though she disappeared at around 11 am when most predators are asleep so i'm not sure. The pool filter has a wire mesh covering it, so I don't think it could have gone in there.
Sigh, I think I have accepted that she's gone. My remaining duck seems ok, still eating and swimming happily. Do you think it's cruel to keep a duck alone with no company? I was thinking of getting another but I'm afraid it will go (unexplainedly) missing again.

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I would get another duck, as long as they get along with each other, that would be nice, your duck might be lonely.

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