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tasymoMay 13, 2008

Hello Folks!

I am hoping to order my flock next Spring and am having a wonderful time changing my mind over what breeds to buy! I'd like to start out with a dozen Gals. I'm aiming for a happy, well balanced flock. Are there any breeds that do not get along well together? I want to avoid any loners that might get picked on or ignored, so I intend to get at least two of each breed I select. I'm thinking maybe it would be safer to get three Gals each of four breeds in case something happens to one. Am I over thinking this? I live in Michigan where the Winters are cold and snowy, so I'm thinking standard birds rather than banties. Any advice and recommendations? Thanks! Kathy

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Kathy, Go to meyer hatchery online and order a chicken catalog. The catalog is informative and has pictures of the different chickens they have for sale. It lists if they are cold weather hardy, what size eggs they lay, color of eggs, if they are a broody breed. The catalog is free and will give you a chance to see the birds.
Hope this helps, Carrie

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velvet_sparrow(Zone 5b, Gardnerville, NV)

Your plan sounds good. :) Since you get cold winters, I'd suggest breeds with small combs--avoid Leghorns and the like, they can sometimes be susceptible to frostbite on their large combs.

Most breeds get along well together (there is always going to be the occasional squabble), but in my experience sometimes Rhode Island Reds tend to 'pack up' like dogs do when kept in groups, and can be bullies. Wyandottes can be quite dominant, as well. has a fun 'breed selector' widget you might want to try:

Velvet ~:>

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Thanks for the imput, Carrie and Velvet! I plan on getting my chickens from Mypetchicken, since I can order fewer than 25 from them, and still select exactly what I want. I think I really MUST have some Silver Laced Wyandottes, despite them being dominant. They are just so beautiful!!! We plan on building the coop and run this summer so everything will be ready for my girls when they arrive. I imagine I'll have plenty of questions for you in the meantime. Kathy

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