Eradicating Buttercup

zootjs(zone 5 MA)May 19, 2011

Yay, I just got three alpacas!

Boo, my pasture (call it, about an acre) has a lot of buttercup in it, which is toxic for them.

They are currently grazing in a small area, temporarily, while I get this figured out. Any ideas, beyond manually pulling it? My hesitation there is that there is too much of it and also that it would be likely to grow back.

So, broad-leaf herbicide? Targeted use of Roundup? What's likely to be least dangerous to the animals and most effective at getting rid of it? Specific recommendations and practices would be very welcome.


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Buttercup is evil! LOL! Is it toxic or does it give them blisters in their mouth if they eat it? That's what it does to my donkeys, and they know to avoid it.

Buttercup has roots that trail underground, so pulling it doesn't relly work.

Congrats on your new alpacas!

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I beleive it can be toxic.

I have an acre or so pasture that has it. I've tried the round up but it didn't erradicate it, I never could get them all!

What about solarizing it? Is it in the sun or shade? Lay down black plastic for several weeks?

I never did get rid of mine. The animals just don't eat it, but it would be nice to replace the buttercup with something edible, KWIM?
Please post back with what you end up doing to get rid of it!

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I have had lots of buttercup over the years and thru experience goats and/or geese will eat them and keep them gone.

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