nursemaid broody hens

lyviaMay 26, 2012

I'm still in the research stage, but I would like to raise indian runner ducks for meat, eggs, bug control and entertainment. I figure I would also need a few broody hens for nursemaids. What breed would you choose? I'm looking for docile heat-tolerant good foragers and scratchers. I was thinking maybe brahmas, since a large breed might do better against hawks and such. Plus the drakes wouldn't hurt them. I hear people use Old Game hens, but they sound unfriendly. And people use bantams, but would they be okay in the flock? For this, I really don't care about meat or eggs, just easy care and broody.

Is there a strain of large broody nursemaid hens that could raise ducklings?

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I never used chickens to hatch ducks, but I had a pekin hen that was a good setter. She didn't hatch any because I didn't have a drake. She was so mean to the other birds though!

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I tried a setting duck to hatch chickens. As the hatched she killed them. However a chicken will probably raise ducks, with the exception of getting upset when they go into the water.

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