Looking for fish fingerlings near Dallas or Corsicana/Waco

babalubirdMay 29, 2008

We want to experiment raising catfish fingerlings and Tilapia. Therefore I need a very small supply right now.

Does anyone know where I can buy a small number either here near our home in Dallas/Ft. Worth area or our farm between Corsicana, Waco, and Hillsboro?

Thank you.


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Contact your county extension agent who will be able to tell you about suppliers. Tilapia are tropical, and won't survive even our mild winters (we were told this when we thought we might want to introduce a few into our pond). Have you considered bass? They are not as common as catfish, and if you want to sell or have paid fishing--bass attract more fishermen than catfish.

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Well, if I can ever catch him, I will, but so far he hasn't returned our phone calls.

I'm looking to make the fish part of what I hope will eventually be part of an aquaponic system so they will be housed in a greenhouse in some kind of above=ground tubs. We want the fish nutrient and a small supply of fish to eat for ourselves right now. A long-range goal is extras to sell for additional farm income if we find we can raise them successfully from our experiments.

We hope to have a pond dug, but so far, no luck and so many other projects taking priority over that expendature.

Thanks though. If we do get the pond dug, I will think carefully about the bass because of your suggestion.


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Your agent isn't returning your calls? Wow! Ours is a great guy--very on top of things and helpful. Sorry that the suggestion isn't working.
Try Texas A&M--the extension agents are affiliated with the University, and there are all sorts of Q & A sites for A & M.
Also, try your local Farm Bureau--they will be able to help you with firms who dig ponds, supply fish, and a lot of other things you need.
Aquaponics is a fascinating field. Please keep us posted on your progress. We wish you the best of luck, and never hisitate to ask questions on this site!

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