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jennybog(zone 5)May 17, 2010

Hello, I would like to speak to anyone who has a small stand at the end of there driveway. I live about 1/4 mile from maine road at the dead end of a dirt road. I would like to set up a very small stand to sell extra veggies, Goats milk soap, eggs, eggs, and more eggs lol. also pies bisquits ,flowers plants ect.. Thankyou all Jenny Out of my Gourd Farms- Woolwich Maine

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Hi Jenny,

I have one at the end of my driveway .. well haven't gotten it out there yet, but plan on it this weekend.

I sell potted perennials. I have a cash box screwed down and locked. And pictures of different perennials I sell stapled to the sides of the stand.

I'm on a road that people use to cut through to other roads, so we get plenty of traffic.

There should be some pictures of it on the attached link, probably in the "My Farm" album.

Here is a link that might be useful: My pictures

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Hi Jenny, it sounds as if you have a farm stand I want to visit! We don't have a stand--people around here can see our garden from the road and stop to see what is available.
If you are going to sell baked goods, you'd best check to see if your county/state has rules about that.
Also, be sure to put a sign on the main road, well before your turn-off, so people will know that the turn for your stand is coming up. Make it simple: "Fresh farm produce stand, turn left 1/2 mile" or something similar, and then a sign with your farm name and an arrow pointing down the dirt road at the turn-off itself. I don't know how many times I have gone by a stand because I simply didn't know it was there until I was upon it and unable to stop.
Good luck with your stand--with the wonderful things you are offering, the county may have to pave your road to take the traffic!

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jennybog(zone 5)

thanks maringardener,
I only hope people will come down the road. We have many stands where we live so it should prove interesting.We have a flower Lady at the end of my road so I hope they will go to hers and see my sign. Thanks Jenny Out of My Gourd Farm

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