Dog breed recommendation

carmen_grower_2007(4/5)May 29, 2008

Have decided against the coonhound breed. We are retired and it sounds like a little more energy than we would like. We have many acres and want a companion that will be inside/outside. It must be good with visiting family with their dogs and kids not kill our cats. A nice short coat would be a plus.

The weight range can be up to 75 pounds or so. We are always home so it would get plenty of attention. What can you suggest?

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presmudjo(z9 Osceola FL)

How about a Miniture Schnauzer. They have energy but are also calm. Mine is very small at only 13 pounds, but many are larger than that. Look into rescue groups as many end up there due to unfortunate circumstances of owners. I have one and she loves the outside, but loves it inside. Air conditioned spoiled brat! My Little Bit was not hard to train really, but can have her stubborn times. I win! Every dog is different, but ours loves the grand kids to come over to play with her. The cat and her are fine, it was really up to the cat to accept the dog. We did get ours as a puppy, so that could have helped with kids and cat. These dogs basically don't shed, but require haircuts. I don't have mine trimmed in the typical skirt because of our grass and hitch hikers etc. She has the Schnauzer face cut, but just a short cut everywhere else. They have character that's for sure.

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A friend has a Giant Snauzer on his farm, it is mostly a house/yard dog. One of the most well behaved and beautiful dogs I have seen. I havent a clue how well they would perform at other farm duties like killing chucks, getting the cows in or other stuff?

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presmudjo(z9 Osceola FL)

We have a 5 mo. old Calahouta Curr dog. He is supposed to be for our 2 cows. Well, seems the mini schnauzer will go around the bull, but not the Curr. Maybe she will teach him, but I was told natural instincts should kick in for the Curr. I have not found any literature on how to correctly train him on cows, but keep looking. We are training other basic commands and he is a trip with his anticts.

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We found a little lab pup and will pick her up in a few weeks once she is old enough. The parentage seems good and we are looking forward to the little addition to our lives!

Thanks all.

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A large portion of how your pup turns out has to do with up-bringing, and that's your responsibility. I've seen dogs of all different breeds that were very well behaved, others that were monsters. Your dog will do what you want, with proper, sensitive training. Labs can have a lot of energy, too. Make sure she gets plenty of exercise- my 82 y/o mother works her retrievers with a tennis racket and balls- you can hit it a lot farther than you can throw it!

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