OK to move a broody goose nest?

critterkeeperMay 19, 2008

I have a second broody goose who has made her nest in the chicken coop. So far there are four eggs in her nest. The chickens don't seem to be bothering her yet but I suspect they will once she starts setting. Is it OK to move her and the eggs or wait until she starts to set and make the chickens move? They have another smaller shed available if necessary. I have found them in it when the wind blew the door to their coop closed during a storm. The other goose is in seperate quarters with her clutch due to hatch at the end of the week.

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You might not be too successful moving the goose but I cant see the chickens being much bother to it. If you disturb her nest she may abandon it and lay in a new location more or less to your liking.

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Thanks, I'll leave her there and let nature take its course.

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Yeah, she will probably do what fancifowl says. I discovered a guinea nest awhile back (outside) and was keeping an eye on it. Today I noticed 4 egg shells where a predator was eating the eggs, so I took the remaining ones away and put them in another nest that is close to the dog. Hopefully the guineas at that one will keep laying eggs in it and someone will go broody on it! Birds can be so un-coop-erative sometimes....

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