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fragrant(z5 ON)December 10, 2008

Hello everyone:

My daughter just recently - end of October - bought her first house. She is a newbie gardener, and would like to begin some landscaping next spring.

I was wondering if someone would kindly give some suggestions as to what she could do to add some privacy and structure to her yard. Ideas for a small tree and some shrubs would be very much appreciated.

The front of the house (garage side) faces north and she is in zone 5b Ontario, Canada.

I have posted a photo of her house on the gallery site.

Thank you in advance,


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I dont know dimension exact,only some share pic,hope some help:

Here is a link that might be useful: other ideas

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I've taken the liberty of linking the photo at the bottom of my post for reference.

For privacy, there are a lot of options depending on the degree of privacy that you want. Was your daughter thinking of something at eye-level, or something that extends up to the second story? Would she like something that completely screens out the view, or only partially? Is it just the side yard [that faces out onto the street] that she would like more private, or does she want more privacy in the front yard as well?

Keep in consideration that whatever you put in for privacy will also affect the rest of the yard. What else does she want to do in the side/front/back yard? Is open space a priority? How much is she willing to allocate to a buffer of some sort? A fence takes up the less area, but a wide buffer of mixed shrubs could be more aesthetically pleasing.

Additionally, how much is she willing to spend in time and money? (You don't have to state that here, but always keep it in consideration when weighing alternatives). Fences typically cost more than hedges, but they offer instantaneous privacy. Hedges require regular trimming to keep them tidy, but fences do require painting or staining.

One more thing to keep in mind: make sure you know the legal limits of the property!

- Audric

Here is a link that might be useful:

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fragrant(z5 ON)

Hi Audric:

Thank you for posting the photo and thank you for your very thought provoking reply. Indeed for the long term plan all these considerations are very important.

I imagine that in a few years time when money is available, a fence will be installed - because it is a corner lot there are restriction as to how close to the sidewalk it can be.

Because there will probably be a fence in the future and this will provide privacy for the back yard, perhaps she would be best to plan for the front and side part of the yard. This would be more for aesthetics rather than for privacy - she would like to have some shrubs and a small tree with some perennial beds.

Any suggestions or thoughts for a bare bones plan would be very much appreciated.


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hello Betty,I have read Betty"s email---------
This message originated at GardenWeb]

Thank you for your response, the landscape ideas are very good.

The yard you have illustrated so wonderfully for is our backyard.

The yard that I am currently interested in for ideas is my daughter's house.

Please find a picture for her house and yard in the Gallery section of the landscape design forum.

I didn't know how to post on the discussion forum.

Thank you kindly,
I have added some ideas in your daughter pic,hope you look -----"re bett" thread.

Here is a link that might be useful: share other some ideas again

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