can brrody goose hatch chicken eggs

critterkeeperMay 30, 2008

I had ordered some fertile chicken eggs when one of my hens went broody but now she is not broody and I have these fertile eggs and no way to hatch them. I have a boody goose who is very near setting stage. Can I slip the chicken eggs in with her or will she break them. My hens have on occasion laid their eggs in her nest and the goose never seemed to be bothered. Any suggestions? Is there a quick way inspire a hen to go broody? I do not want to waste these eggs.

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aleksandras(7 NC)

She can incubate, but she may crush them after they hatch. If you can, take them right after they hatch or the day before (if you have an incubator) and then give them back to her when they are a day old - it should work fine. I give mine store bought chicks and she raises them with no problem.

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