lice and ticks on goats

shellybabeMay 25, 2006

I noticed the other day that my goats have developed a case of lice, and there are ticks on their eye area and ears. I heard there was something over the counter I could used to treat and prevent them, and was wondering if anyone here might have any ideas??

The youngest goats are 6 months old, so there are no newborns or anything. I also have two ducks, that have been scratching rather alot lately, could they have the lice too?? If so how do I treat them?

Thanks for any info.

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dannyboquet(z9 So Louisiana)

You can use 5% Sevin dust for the lice. Probably work for the ticks also.

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Thanks alot,
I will get some when I go to town again.

I noticed the lice on the legs when I was checking one of the goats after it had been bit by a snake, the goat is ok, limped for a couple of days and the leg swelled up, but he is walking normally now. Now I just have to treat the lice and ticks.

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Shellybabe, what does the lice look like? How can you tell if it is lice or something else? Reese (my goat) has white stuff (flaky stuff) covering his skin. It is pretty big fakes of stuff, though. Like he has dry skin... Not sure what it is though.

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Dry skin is a big symptom of lice, I have no idea as to why but I have had angoras in the past and when they had flaky dandruf it was a sure thing they had lice too. Now I only have pygmys and a pygora. They will show the flaky skin just before I notice the small eggs which appear on their chests and back bone first before spreading. The actual lice are almost impossible to find unless you have a bad outbreak, then in that case there are two types to look for; biting and sucking lice. Look for the eggs first, small white round things.

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I found a couple on the lower part of his leg, they were sucking lice,
I recognize them too because when I was 10 I had lice, yuck, and these looked like miniature of what I had.

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Can you catch it from them????

I gave Reese a bath yesterday and some of the flaky stuff came off! So....what do you think it is?

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I imagine the only way you could get lice is if you were laying your head against her, or shared a brush,
the lice are not the flakey stuff, they cling to the skin and the hair follicle. They are tricky to get out,
I am trying the seven dust though, and going to sprinkle it in their sleeping area too, around in the hay that they don't eat. funny how after it touches the ground, my goats won't eat the hay.
Lice causes flakey skin on my cockatiel, it is just a side effect I guess.

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kimberlee(z5 IN)

Can't goats be treated with Ivermectin pour-on like cattle?

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dannyboquet(z9 So Louisiana)

I don't believe people can catch goat lice (or my daughter would have them for sure).

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really? I figured they were like ticks in the fact they really don't care what they get on as long as there is a blood supply

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Well, I'm beginning to think that Reese doesn't have lice. I gave him a nice bath and got him all soapy and conditioned his hair and he doesn't have the white stuff on him anymore. So, I think that it's probably just flaky dry skin sort of thing. Anyway, I hope so :) Well, talk to you all later!

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we had lice on one of our goats so bad that she now has severe anemia and is very lethargic. we tried sevin dust to get rid of the lice but it didnt kill them all so we used flea and tick shampoo that was for dogs. It did the trick. the vet says you can not get lice from the goat. I asked since my son lays out in the yard with his goat. Now my only concern is to get the gaot back healthy she is eating and drinking and we are doing everything the vet said but she is still lethargic and with the heat she seems to be getting worse. any ideas?

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oh and flaky skin is also a sign of internal worms....

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I found many white dots on the hair along the top of my goat's neck area and down the top of her back. Also saw some crawling bugs. I researched on the internet, which showed drawings of what lice looks like, but I don't have a microscope...are lice a tan/grey color?
Is there an easy way to distinguish between lice and mites?

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Permethrin poured as per instructions down the spine works wonders for lice.

Ivermec(tin) injected (vs. the normal worming recommendation of giving it orally) will work for external parasites.

Dry skin is normal this time of year, feed BOSS (Black Oil sunflower Seeds), maybe 1/2 - 1 cup a day & you will see an improvement in the dry skin.

I hope this post goes through, been trying to post ALL weekend, and it hasn't gone through!

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Pour-on Ivermectin works for us, but it is not supposed to. Injectable also works well, but you have to use a higher dose for goats than cattle I think. Check with a vet familiar with goats on that. Most of the time we use pyrethin in the form of Horse Lice Dust and it seems to work great--not toxic to warm-blooded animals. You can dust the animals and the bedding. We don't have ticks here, but I think it would work for them as well.

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Should I be concerned about my goats cold. She sneezes and clear mucous comes out.We just got her a week ago and I think although only a half hour ride, the stress brought on the cold. Also they all have yellow crust around their eyes. Do I need to clean it off? I was thinking of using a warm washcloth. The ten month old has bg time dandruff but our farmer friend said this was normal for her shedding coat. I spayed them all for fleas and ticks yesterday because the three month old had ticks on her.

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For lice/ticks we use Durasect, 7.5 ml/50# body weight. Repeat in 14 days to kill the ones that hatched after the first application. We draw it up into a syringe and then apply it down the backbone from neck to tail.

dwoman, yellow crust around the eyes isn't a good sign. If it continues you may want to check with your vet. I sure hope you didn't spay those goats, I don't think that will help much with the ticks, LOL!

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I have a pymgy goat and he is 2 months old today this is my first goat and I was just wondering about the lice or dry skin on my goat I have been treating him with lice because it is hard to come out of his fur. If it was dandruff it would be easy to come won't it. So I can i really tell that it ia lice on my baby goat. IS there a websit that I can go to and see what lice looks like. I mean I never seen nothing crawling so I am confused about can anyone help please.

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Hold your goat. Along the spine area, gently tug(pull) the hair backwards against the way the hair grows. While doing this you should see his/her skin. Look for small flecks moving on their own away from the exposed skin. Look carefully, sometimes static electricity can fool you at first glance. They look like little small, oblong, whitish/beige specs.

Repeat the tugging of the hair along the spine & down the back a little, searching the exposed skin area for little flecks that move. If you see any move, treat for lice, then repeat in 2 weeks.

Additionally, if you do find lice, clean out the stalls & bedding & dispose, otherwise he/she will just become re-infected.


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I bought a couple of does a few months back, both were infested with lice. I was told by the local vet to inject ivermec sub-Q, because they were sucking lice and that's the only way of killing those. They are gone, but you to have to give them a higher dose due to how short lived the meds are on a goat. The dosage was 1ml for every 50lbs of the 1% ivermectin solution.

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I bought 2 bottle babies (now 6 weeks old)and they are infested with sucking lice. I found this out after I lost one of them 2 days ago. What can i treat them with being so young? Also what can I do to help with the anemia they have cause? Someone please help I cant stand to lose my other baby!!!!

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I've used a product called "Drykill" (it's a pyrethrin) on my angora wether and it killed all the lice, but they did recur pretty quickly and I didn't like the smell or the toxicity of the product.
I bought Toggenburgs last year and their long hair caused a bad louse outbreak in my whole milking herd this winter. I tried diatomaceous earth and it worked perfectly. I've also spread some on the earth of the pen after I cleaned it out and before I re-bedded it. So far, no reoccurrence of lice. The girls do have dry skin now though, so I'm feeding black sunflower seeds. We'll see...

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Pastora Molina

Help.... my kid goats are bottle fed and I noticed biting lice on them as I was feeding them and now 2 hours later I am scratching and finding those same lice everywhere I scratch (head, neck and clothing) going shower and wash hair hoping I can get them off me since I'm def not a goat lol any suggestions on case? I read a comment above that a vet told someone humans can't contact these critters... please tell him he is wrong ahhhgggg helpppp this is horrible and gross

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OoH I am thinking mites for you, lice on goats don't bite all over humans as you described. Either way use an ivomectin pour on and it works wonders.

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I have a 3 1/2 wk old mini lamancha and he has beige colored bugs on him......what can I do to get rid of them at this young age

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I would get some guinea fowl, they love to eat ticks!! Except for the noise they help keep the nasty blood suckers away. Sadly they don't work on politicians.

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Diatomaceous Earth (DE) !! Food grade. Great Stuff and organic. Dust them with it and rub it into their coats. Dust the bedding and all areas with it. It's inert and harmless, if not inhaled.

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