dog food and chickens

tracerracer(z7OR)May 20, 2009

I let my girls out of their yard durning the day. That gives them access to my fenced back yard and garden area (for now) about 150 x 275' of space. I have 2 dogs, a chocolate lab 10yrs,(Tod) and a schipperke 6yrs, (Boo boo). They are outdoor dogs and are fed outside on my back porch that has a railing around it ('bout 3' high). The girls are 'blocked' from coming up on the porch on one side opening but the other side is left open for the dogs to have access to the shade (and protection from bad weather) that the cover provides. When I feed the dogs, they don't eat everything in their bowls immediately. The girls have discovered this and now it is open warfare (make no mistake the girls ARE winning) Frankly it is fairly funny to watch. Tod is afraid of them (some bird dog he is) and Boo will chase them to a point but the girls will wait until she is distracted (going potty, getting a drink, etc) and go for the bowl. Unless Boo is @ the bowl first, she doesn't protect her food. (and frankly some of my girls are taller and out weigh her, lol)

My question is, I have a girls only club for eggs, will dog food not be good for the eggs? For them?

Tod will give me a most pitiful look when I go out and the girls are literally in his bowl, you know that 'SAVE ME!' look. Boo will 'puff up' to her full height of 10" and 7#s but the girls don't even look twice at her (see, that chasing thing only works if the girls run and my girls tend to take the 'fun' right out of that for Boo). Feeding the dogs in the evening as skunks and the coons can smell dog food and come 'arunnin'...........What do you think?.........................T

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I sympathize with you, dealing with chickens that think they rule the roost! The only thing I can think of is an automatic feeder for Tod and Boo--the kind the dog presses a lever and food comes out of a holding tank into the bowl. It might take the pups a few days to figure it out, but both breeds are intelligent and probably wouldn't have too much trouble. Unfortunately, the chickens might also learn to perch on the lever to get their goodies, too.
I don't think dog food is going to taint your hens' eggs--cat food is a treat for them, so dog food ought to be in the same category.
Hold this thought--dogs and chickens are supposedly dumber than humans.

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I doubt the dogfood will taint the eggs. If it does it would really surprise me.

What I would be concerned about though is feeding the chickens feed meant for another species. I may be overly conservative in my thoughts, however BSE (mad cow) is thought to have originated from feeding cows to cows. So, having said that, I wouldn't let chickens eat the dogfood.

To contradict myself, I do believe chickens were originally meat eaters, to some extent anyways, and I'm sure you are not the only one that has these issues being many use lgd's for their fowl who have to be fed.

Just some food for thought.

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I'm gonna look into those feeders, I know I've seen them, just not sure on the $$....As for dogs and chickens being 'not as smart'? I'm now so sure about that.......LOL

I have to confess, I wasn't so concerned that it would 'hurt' the eggs, but I am very careful what my girls get because I like to know what goes into what I'm eating (ie: raise our own chicken (eggs) pork and beef, an older neighbor raises chickens that he slaughters and I also know what he feeds) So that was most of my concern. I don't buy the bottom of the barrel dog food, but I am a realist and am fairly certain that I don't want to eat it...........Thanks for the answers..............T

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hotzcatz(Hamakua, Hawaii)

Dry dog kibble is primarily corn, it won't hurt the chooks at all. Ours always try to sneak into the house and eat the dog food if they can. Doesn't hurt them a bit nor make the eggs any less edible than chooks turning bugs into eggs.

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The corn in dog food doesn't bother me, I just know a little too much about meat processing to want to have my girls passin' it through to the eggs ;o) Bugs? They eat BUGS?!.........Just kiddin' have had a few myself (not voluntarily if you must know) ;o) .............T

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dog food would have dried meat meal and dry fish meal. Chicken food would be all grain.

antibiotics in either would be a concern. I think layer mash has antibiotics. Causes a problem with goose egg hatch.

Since you are concerned you should do some research on the internet using google. Let us know what you find out.

Purina makes both chicken food and dog food. They have phd experts who could give you a good answer. A phone call to Purina or email and hope for an answer.

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Thanks for your reply, I hadn't thought of that (Google, forehead slap, DUH) I'll do that an report back (have a little more time now, settled contract w/union and passed our school budget tonight, not that it means diddley in Oregon) Thanks again.............T

Oh, the feed I get my girls doesn't have antibiotics in it, I have a 'thing' about additives that I don't choose myself..................

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I'm a member of a chicken message board, and have seen on several posts in the past people suggest throwing dry cat food to their hens to up their protein for laying if they are not free range. I'd think dog food would be a supplement for cat food.... and thought I'd tell ya some people do that by choice! Chickens get some protein by digging in the earth for bugs and things, but if they are not free range, they may not get the necessary protein, so some people supplement with dry cat food.


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Hey tracerracer - you must have missed when I posted about mine eating the mouse and then the 2 super jumbo eggs that we got.

Also, on on my blog, under the label Chickens

Here is a link that might be useful: MY BLOG

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i feed my chickens scrambled eggs and leftover easter eggs shell and all just mashed up, lol. at first i thought it was kinda sick, but a lot of people do it for the protein and calcium. also a lot of fisherman throw the leftovers after cleaning the fish to the chickens. i think dogfood would be just fine.

the eggs are not the only source of food, i feed scratch and laying mash also. and i only feed the eggs maybe every other week at most.

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heres a link with stuff chickens can eat. it mentions catfood but not dogfood. but scroll to the bottom for more info on the catfood.

Here is a link that might be useful: chicken treats

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Omg(osh) msmitoagain:
My Mom had ducks that ate mice and sage rats, not only were her cats 'mousers', but her ducks too (mainly the drakes). Wouldn't have believed it if someone had told us, but witnessed it one day, he had the mouse in his bill threw it up in the air and swallowed it whole. Us standing there like 'did we just see what we just saw??' lol.....NOthing surprises any more.......but your post did get me thinkin' I have gotten a few REALLY BIG eggs (My largest Aracauna)....We have plenty of field mice (who doesn't?)..........Hmmm 'chicken mousers'..........Works for me ;o)

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