my new baby pygmy!

beeliz(2)May 30, 2008

I am going to get a new baby pygmy goat this afternoon! female,adorable,,,is there a special way to introduce a newcomer to my 2 1 year olds,they're both female. Thanks :)

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chick_mom(south middle TX)

When I worked in a petting zoo, we would try to bring them together while we were there to referree.. If there was any hostility try to pen them side by side.. Goats usually don't have issues.. How old is the baby???? Is it another female or a male?

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The baby is a female,like my other 2. I've been keeping the newbie inside a house inside their goat house so they are together but unable to touch or anything. when I go to let her out to run and play with the others,they kind of gang up a bit and butt her..will they settle this? I'm afraid of the new one getting hurt so I'm keeping her separated till things settle a little more. any more advice would be great!

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oh thank goodness you decided on the Pygmy rather than the pig. LOL/


Make sure you do not pay more attention to the new goat when the others can see. you know goats are jealous and you must always recognize the herd queen first even if there is a new kid on the block.

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Haha,,yes,I'm glad we didn't get the pig too..goats are awsome!
I let them play when I'm there with them,,it goes well at first then turns a little more aggressive. then I put the newbie back into her "space". I will make sure to give the boss her attention before the baby! Thanks

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beeliz(2) they chase her around,,and sometimes really but at her. Is this normal behaviour? Can they hurt her,or do goats do this when they meet? I'm tempted to bring her back to where I got her. Will things settle down ?? I'm worried :(

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