Do you hate to leave the farm?

marlingardenerMay 13, 2010

I find myself wanting to stay home on the farm, weeding, mowing, cleaning the barn, and just enjoying the peace and quiet. We used to travel a lot, but the urge to travel has left us. I go into town once a week, but I find after an hour or so I'm tired of it and want to get back to our little farm.

Anyone else like to stay home on the farm?

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bill7(NW MN)

I only have 7 acres, out in the country, and yes, I do not feel the need to travel.

In fact, we were considering a pop up camper when we lived in the "city." We ene
ended up moving 75 miles away, and living in the country. Now that I have the room for a camper, I do not feel the desire to get away. Although I do have enough to keep me busy.


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goldenpond((Vero.Beach FL 9b))

I love staying around the garden and I only have two and a half acres but it is my heaven,When we do travel we go to Botanical gardens.I am city scared. Hubby took me to Toronto to try to RE-create our honeymoon and I begged him to let us leave We settled for a quaint drive above Lake Ontario and a sweet B&B then a trip through the mountains.AHHHH
Theres NO place like HOME!

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jennybog(zone 5)

My Husband and I own 5 acres in Maine, we have mini donkeys, goats chickens, ducks. We grow grow gourds and pumpkins. We would never leave the farm again if we could have grocery's dropped off at the door. We LOVE spending time with our animal family.Having a day out for us is walking our animals, building a bon fire and roastings some hot dogs.

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someday when we can sell our business in town (rent houses)
i hope to never go back into i know thats not true...but i too love staying at home, i love working in the garden, taking care of the chickens, goats, calves, and i even like working in the hay fields, and working in them at night is nice, cool and peaceful....much better than geting a call that someones toilet has backed up, yak yak yak etc...we dont do the vacation thing cuz were just too busy, just give me my husband, kids and grandson, and animals...and id be just fine...

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I always thought I was alone in this!

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flowerchild59(z6b IL)

I sometimes feel a physical ache and can't wait to get back from my three day stretches away working in another state. I feel a sense and relief and well, happiness, just getting back to my little slice of heaven. I am very lucky and fortunate indeed to be living the life I lead with my family, animals, and farm.

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nhsuzanne(z5 SW-NH)

I hate leaving the farm! My DH kids that we would need an act of congress to get me to leave! Two horses, two donkeys, two goats and 22 chickens keeps me endlessly amused!

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I don't really hate to leave, sometimes I just want to get out and see something new. But most of the time I am content to just stay around home. I have chickens and lots of gardens. That's enough for me right now with a full time job, & full-time care of 3 yo grandson. Dh on the other hand, loves to go to work, loves to travel and says he wants to move back to the city because country living is just too much work on weekends. That can't be true though because, I have a housekeeper in once a week to clean and do laundry and pay a guy to do all the mowing and edging every other week. All DH has to do on weekends is make compost and watch tv, I guess the compost-making is just wearing him out. I'm thinking he'd be happier in a one room apartment with a big-screen tv, mini-reefer, hot plate and stereo. No one to tell him to take a shower or flush the toilet-man heaven. he could sit there all weekend in his tighty-whiteys with a giant bag of chips and an institutional size bowl of salsa, watch sports, Monk reruns, and burp, f**t, and scratch to his hearts content.

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I wish I could just stay here. I love love love my flower beds. I so enjoy weekends even though I half kill myself trying to catch up with all that needs doing. I would enjoy it more if I could do a couple of hours a day rather than try to pack a week into a weekend. I love to cook and put up veggies from the garden. I even enjoy doing laundry!

But I have to work - at a job...with a paycheck. I don't have any kind of retirement plan so even though I am 60 and not in the best health, retirement is not going to ever happen.

If only I could refuse to leave the farm. What a dream that would be!

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Naomi Miller

It appears we have a club, lol...... DH and I moved onto 10 acres two years was a dream come true for me; I have avoided interaction in crowds for a long time and rarely felt the need to mingle, lol.....fortunately, raising 4 boys kept me busy enough to have the excuses needed to not hang out 'with the girls' or have a night out..... but now that I am here on my little piece of heaven..... I never want to leave. When I married my current husband, I told him I had never traveled and that is what I wanted to do every chance I got, lol... we have taken two trips to CA, two to SC, one to GA and a few shorter trips and now I am handing off my vacation timeshare to my grown children, lol...... if I need things from town, I call DH and he picks up on his way home from work and if he needs building materials etc on weekends, I make the trip with him and pick up anything I need to do my crafts or gardening..... that is ENOUGH for me, lol......we have a horse, a cow, a llama, 4 sheep, 4 goats, 2 emu, 70 chickens, 24 ducks, 12 pheasant, a pair of peafowl and 6 pot belly pigs......they are what I live for and my gardening..... if I could have groceries flown in my copter, then life would be perfect, lmao......

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Heartzlink, we can't have a club--nobody would show up for meetings!
Goldenpond, I agree, home is best, and your (and the ducks') home looks pretty fine.
Carmen, it is comforting to know others feel the same way, isn't it? For a while there I thought I was developing a phobia, then realized I didn't fear leaving, I just plain old didn't want to leave the farm!
Thanks to all you who have responded. Kindred spirits . . . .

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nhsuzanne(z5 SW-NH)

I do leave from time to time but it's usually to go camping with my horses. I cannot wait until I can retire and spend the day doing all the things I love to do at home. Some people call it chores, I call it heaven.

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Lucky for me I now own a tiny piece of heaven that is close enough to "city" that I could take a long walk or ride a bike to get groceries or head off into the woods to camp, hike or fish if I went the same distance but in the opposite direction. I did the way-out-in-the-sticks thing and hated the long distance driving to pick up supplies or find work when I needed money and it wasn't much fun when I had some health issues and needed rescuing on a bad bumpy dirt road. It wasn't my idea of heaven either when my nearest neighbor decided that home brew crystal meth was the way to make a living and raise a family (what a mess that was!). So, out in the country? yes but not too far out. A couple of acres in a section of town that cannot be developed that nests right up beside a nice sized lake with farmland all around it. Now I work 6 miles away and pick up all that I need on my lunch hour. Once I get home I stay home.

I still like to travel, but most often it is back to my home state or to visit relatives and only once a year.

Lucky me.

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