Diatomaceous Earth?

rane_grow(7 soMD)June 3, 2012

What do you use it for in your Veggie garden ? Has anyone used it to battle squash bugs , cucumber beetles or stink bugs ? Would love to hear others' experiences with it and how well it works ? thanks !

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In my experience it only killed really tiny bugs like gnats. Didnt kill any worms beetles spiders or moths.

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The bugs have to crawl over the DE, its crushed sea shells, and it works by giving bugs thousands of papercuts, and they shrivel and die.

It's never worked for me, I have used it a few times on the animals and around the farm for fleas, and in the garden to kill cutworms and cabbage loopers... I swear that I could actually hear the tiny sound of laughter from the bugs.

It had no effect. Happy hunting!

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The stuff is a waste of time

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I prefer not to use it in the garden because of the earthworms, but it sure kills fleas, roaches, etc. I also use it to worm my dogs & it works well.

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