Charlene is a Charles!

marlingardenerMay 13, 2008

We suspected that one of the eight pullets we got this spring was not a lady. Well, when the comb started to grow and the wattles appeared, we determined that Charlene was really a Charles. We changed the name to Cyrus, since Charles is the name of my husband's boss and my husband might be tempted to wring the neck of anything named Charles. The seven Australorp pullets and Cyrus are doing well, and we expect little Australorps in our future. Does that make me a grandma?

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Lol about the boss.

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velvet_sparrow(Zone 5b, Gardnerville, NV)

Very serious question you pose here: Yes. And we all expect you to carry pictures of all of your little feather children in your wallet. :)

The boss thing gave me a giggle as well.

Velvet ~:>

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Backlanelady, glad you enjoyed the boss reference. Cyrus is safe--a Charles would be in danger! And Velvet, I have bored all our friends and acquaintances with chicken stories, and mailed pictures of the flock to family, so I think I qualify as a "proud parent" and within a year or so, as a Grandma. By the way, I wouldn't be having this much enjoyment of our little flock without your most valuable advice and calming influence. So, thanks from "grandma" and all the little chicks to come!

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Ha ha! Loved the boss comment!

Congrats about being a Grandma in the future! :D

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