In praise of farm supply stores

marlingardenerMay 29, 2008

I went to our local farm supply today to get 25# of layer mix and a new poultry feeder. I asked for 25#, and the man behind the counter asked which truck was mine and he'd load it for me (by the way, I'm a white-haired, very strong, 60 year old woman). After paying for my purchases and having a nice chat about the weather, rain chances and chickens, I left. When I got home, I found that the 25# of mix came in a 50# bag, which he had half-emptied into some other container so he could sell me what I asked for. What service! I feel a little ashamed--I didn't know it came in 50# bags or I would have asked for that. He probably felt that I either didn't have many chickens or couldn't manage to lift the heavier bag.

I have never encountered nicer, more accomodating people than at local feed stores. People should buy farms so they can go to these wonderful stores!

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presmudjo(z9 Osceola FL)

Before we had farm animals, we went to the local feed store for other items to use around the house and land. Ours is like a mini department store for the home and fishing. The people are great and will help you with anything. It is a shame that these stores are being pushed out by big box stores that don't carry a thing you really need or know what you are talking about. Due to growth in our area, our local feed store doesn't know if they will stay in business after the road is widened, because of the crap and expense they would have to go through to rebuild.

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lol! Yesterday I asked a young girl at the check out in a super large boxstore type garden center if they had Diatomaceous Earth. She said "What?" and I said "DE". She had never heard of it. I was quite surprised! I love the small privately owned stores!

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*news flash** Whole Foods sales people do not know what food grade DE is either. I called a pharmaceuticle company and he said it is hard to find in stores because bad people use it to cut drugs. Pharmacies use it too to clean out the drug he said. whatever that means

back on topic though... I love my feed store. This is a small one about 25 miles from my home IN A ONE LIGHT COUNTY. they sell baby chicks, broody hens, ducks and every SUPPLY you could need for the farm. they gave me all sorts of advise. only time they failed me is when I asked if a particular chicken is a calm breed because I am kind of skittish and they said all breeds are calm depends on how you raise them. I did not believe that! example Rosecombs need I say more??

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