help found baby ducks

lostrocksMay 5, 2009

I was behind a car that hit a mother duck she died so I took the babies twelve in all home. I went to the farm store and bought feed and all the stuff to raise them. My question is how do I raise them to release them back into the wild. When they get older I would like to take them back to the lake. Will they know how to swim and how to find food themselves? they are very little right now the baby ducks at the farm store was twice thier size so I think they might have just hatched How old should they be before I let them go any help at all will be great thanks

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They'll know how to swim.

It's your job to offer a diet similar to what they'll be eating in the wild, supplementing with store-bought. Chances are when they get older they'll couple up with a wild one and learn from them.

Imprinting may be a problem, I'd minimize contact with them as much as possible, and when they have feathers start to really let them out, free-range, instinctual feeding habits will kick in quickly. They'll probably return home for a while until they find a mate, a nice pond, or not. Make them a safe pen when they are older, maybe something like a chicken tractor you can move around while they eat grass or bugs?

They'll need some type of heat source until they get some feathers (where are you located? is it still cold?). Protection from predators (a weasel can get in a 1x2" opening), water & of course what natural food you can scrounge up, and shade.

If they survive in captivity when young I think they'll cope & adjust well. Sometime wild animals just don't do well in captivity, so be forewarned.
That's all I can think of for now.

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