Question on chicken meat

lappeMay 6, 2008


We have been raising about 25 giant cornish X for meat. I don't eat the dark meat at all and have put my husband on a diet that he is not suppose to eat dark meat. Now the question is, is there a bird that has more white meat on it than dark? I know it is a silly question but I just thought maybe. Any help what be appreciated.

Thanks Janet

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Gee I wish you could send that out to me. My favourite part of a chicken.In fact I don't even like the white meat.
Other than that I'm afraid I cann't help you. Sorry!

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You should be raising guineas or some game birds like pheasant, maybe. They have really dry meat (bleech, I hate white meat). I don't think they have any 'mostly white meat' chickens, otherwise the poultry industry would be raising them exclusively, I think.

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You wouldn't want to raise guineas because they are all dark meat. I don't know about pheasant.


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Janet, you probably have the highest ratio of white to dark already with the cornish X. When we lived in China, we learned that white meat was the least favored portion of the chicken among the Chinese-thus the least expensive at the markets! Chicken feet even rated higher.
Am curious why breast meat is more favored as it ranks lower in overall nutrition from my studies. If you eat any processed chicken or turkey sausages, you definitely get lots of dark meat.
You might want to partner with folks who prefer dark meat...and all can be happy.

good luck-cella jane.

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I'm assuming you want meat with little fat (white meat fits that bill) Guineas may have 'darkish meat' but it is very lean. Very lean. In fact most recipes call for you to add fat like bacon to it so it doesn't dry out.

The other poster is right, white meat is lacking in vitamins/minerals. Better to avoid hydrogenated vegetable oils, those are really what cause wrinkles, heart problems, etc.

Read "Nourishing Traditions" by Sally Fallon to get the scoop on what is good, bad and ugly about food that is marketed in the USA. I was surprised to find out how bad most soy products are for people.

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