Ivomec dosage for dogs... yet again

rainedaywomanMay 3, 2012

The prior thread I found was at capacity on feedback. My SIL recently told us about Ivomec. she was put onto it by her vet and now uses it on all her dog and used it to treat her HW+ rescue that now tests negative. So I after hearing that and reading all the positive feedback I am willing to give it a try. My issue come with this. I am terrible at math and do not trust myself to figure out the correct dosage for my two large breeds.

170lb BullMastiff

150lb Warlock Doberman

My other two babies are listed in the prior threads so I can easily look back for their dosage both are under 12lbs.

I just don't trust my math skills to try and figure the correct dose for my big babies. I do not want to risk poisoning them. Any help I appreciate.

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They weigh about 12-15 times what you lil dog weighs, right? :-)

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