Remove newborn goslings from mom?

critterkeeperMay 12, 2008

My goose has been setting for 12 days. I read on another site to remove the goslings as they hatch to keep her setting because the eggs were not laid on the same day. It said she may leave the nest after the first eggs hatch to care for them. Will she accept the goslings when I return them to her once I have taken them away?

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Wish I could help. I don't know anything about geese. Except to stay clear of them when they have eggs or babies.
What did you end up doing?

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I went to another site where they said not to take them away as long as no other geese were adding eggs to the nest. So wish me luck! Hatching should be this weekend! I have a second broody goose, too. What will I do with all these geese!!!!!

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"What will I do with all these geese!!!!!"

Post a sign at your local feed store or on Craigslist?

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