duck nest in tree

lacarrMay 4, 2009

A wild duck has a nest about 30 ft in a tree which is in my neighbors yard. Is this normal? How will the chicks get out of that nest?

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Probably Wood Ducks, they jump and walk to the nearest body of water; tough little buggers eh!

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Wild ducks have been known to nest on window sills on tall office building in London! When mother duck knows it time for their first outing she encourages the ducklings out of the nest by leaving it herself and they will free fall to the ground very very rarely hurting themselves as they are light as feathers. Mother duck will then gather them around her and head off to the nearest pond usually in one of the London parks often bringing the London traffic to a complete standstill or a member of the public will ring the RSPCA (animal rescue service) who will then take the whole family to a safe haven telling mother duck not to be so daft in future as to build a nest half way up a tall building!!!

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