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pkspigsMay 14, 2008

We have never had goats before, only hogs and cattle. My husband bought a little nanny, she seems quite young and she is going to be a buddy for a baby pygmy he is bringing home today. She is NOT tame and has been hiding behind a fence panel in one of the stalls. He plans to finish a stall this afternoon when he brings home the baby pygmy. Can anyone give me a clue how to tame these two. The little nanny is scared to death of my dogs. They cannot get to her, she is in a stall out in the pasture with the cows, but the dogs do bark when they see her. As far as I can tell she has not eaten anything in two days, but I have put food out for her. Thanks, piggy

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Are you sure she is old enough to be eating on her own? Poor little thing must be scared to death. She should settle down some once her little buddy gets there. Goats don't like being alone. Hopefully the little buck will be friendly and she will see him coming up to you and figure out that you aren't that bad.
Try sitting inside of the stall with them and let them get used to you. Then start hand feeding them some grain. They should start warming up to you. Goats are very food motivated.
Make sure she is old enough to be off of her mom. Some people sell the babies way too young. You might have to bottle feed her. And that will be rough until she is used to people.
I wouldn't let the dogs bark at her. Once you get her settled in and eating introduce her to the dogs. Once my dogs smell an animals butt they are usually content to leave them alone. It's just something new to them.
Good luck! Please keep us posted. Carrie

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I forgot to add. Get some probio's and B-12 into her. Our feedstore carries a tube with the two combined. It's a pink gel. She is going through a rough time and could probably use the help. It's really unusual for a goat not to eat. It's like a piglet not eating.

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did you know that besides cats domesticated goats are the easiest animals to revert to ferrel? I have two like yours and they have been with me 2 months now and I have not seen any change. They do eat plenty BUT stll shy away from me. When I clean the pen they act like maniacs trying to get away from me. It breaks my heart. I have spent countless hours out there with them. i am actually selling them now because I don't see it getting any better.

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I used to raise and show French Alpine Dairy Goats. We had everything in our barn and the goats were my favorite. Get yourself to Amazon and order the book by Jerry Belanger, "Raising Dairy Goats the Modern Way." Your local library may have a copy. Also, find any other books you can. My goats were always healthy and so LOVING. They should have 2nd cutting hay, and a good quality grain, and free choice minerals. They will instinctually go to the mineral they are lacking. Keep their hooves trimmed, their stalls clean, and they will give you so much for so little. I had one doe that I didn't freshen for three years and I would only get a quart of milk in the morning and another at night, but come spring she would start giving me two quarts in the morning and two in the evening. I hope you have a vet that knows about treating goats. Mine didn't but was willing to learn.

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Yes the poor little DOE is probably scared. Let her comfortable with you sit in the stall and wait for ehr to come to you. If you wanto to make friends for life try giving her raisins or corn chips. Do this as often as you can to help her settle down. Goats are herd animals and need a friend. As for dogs keep them far away from now and if they do get close make sure they are under control around her. Please go to this site:
It got us started and we still look there for advice.

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