WANTED: Hellebore

Desirai(7B)March 8, 2014

Hey all, I've never had helleborus plants before, and this year I want to try them. A lot of my gardening sites I frequent have gorgeous varieties this year, but many are expensive.

I would like to just trade for small amounts of hellebore seeds to learn how to grow and care for them because i've never had them before.

Please reference the below list for what I have available to trade ----

Seeds for trade as of 3.8.14

x1 Zanzibar Castor Bean
x1 Marigolds
x1 Celosia mixed colors
x1 4 o'clocks mixed colors
x1 Dill
x1 Wild sunflowers
x1 Halloween decorative gourd mix
x1 Santa Claus Melon
x1 Rose of Sharon unknown variety
x1 Dame's Rocket
x1 Yellow Gaillardia
x1 Grapefruit
x1 Catalpa Tree
x1 Ruffled Spinach
x1 Northern Sea Oats
x1 Green/Purple Muscadine
x1 Ornamental Kale
x1 Daylily mixed colors
x1 Balsam Camellia
x1 Blue Morning Glory
x1 White Habanero
x1 Mammoth/Large sunflowers
x1 Pink Snapdragons
x1 Dwarf Candytuft
x1 Pink Zinnia
x1 Evening Primrose
x1 Cleome mixed colors
x1 Red Cayenne Pepper
x1 Hinoki Cypress
x1 Calico Vine
x1 Bachelor Button White
x1 Bachelor Button Mix
x1 Cactus Zinnia
x1 Easter Egg Plant
x1 Catnip
x1 Detroit Beet
x1 UNKNOWN Pumpkin/Gourd/Squash
x1 Giant Columbine
x1 Helichrysum
x1 Yellow Squash
x1 Magenta Lettuce
x1 Candlestick Cassia
x1 Nasturtium mix
x2 Coneflowers
x3 Canary Melon
x3 Blanketflower
x3 Zinnia Pom Pom mix
x3 Five Spot
x3 Godetia
x3 Gloriosa Daisy
x3 Cosmos Daydream
x3 Cosmos Sea Shells
x3 Painted Daisy
x3 Giant Columbine mix
x3 Bellflower Tussock
x3 Bachelor Button Pink

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Hello ! Most of the hellebores are just starting to bloom, so will be a month or so before I get any seeds on them. They bloom quite a while. If you remind me, I'll be happy to trade some then. I have the hellebores orientalis, green, pink, and darker shade of pink. They are easy for me as I just stick them in the ground where I want them and forget. Next year you will have little plants there. I'll be glad to trade, but mine and most people's won't be ready for another month. I always post when they are ready as they don't last long and need to be planted asap. Thanks, Melinda

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domehome(9 CA)

I'm going to check mine today for seeds. They have already bloomed and I think there's some seed. They do need to be planted post haste and they can take up to 9 months to germinate so don't give up on them. I'll let you know if I find some seeds for you.

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