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kimreko(7)May 13, 2009

Our Rouen female had a clutch of 13 babies on Mother's Day. By they time she finally got off her nest I saw there were still 3 eggs left. One was half hatched and dead, one was just starting to crack and another (after I candled it) was still viable. So I brought the 2 intact eggs into our house and put them under a heat lamp. The 2 egg hatched that evening and duckling is doing well at 2 days old now. I tried to re-unite it with mama yesterday but it was not able to keep up with the brood and was found on it's back in a puddle, shivering. I brought it back inside. Tried today to re-unite while everyone was out in the pond. Both mama and duckling seemed drawn to each other, however, after a few mintues mama duck tried to hold baby underwater. Is she tring to kill it? Or just training it?

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Um, I don't think ducks try to train their ducklings by holding them underwater..sounds like attempted murder to me... :O
Can you try to reintroduce the duckling at night? That way in the morning she won't be able to tell it's the interloper. At least you hope not!

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