strawberries weed -wacked down to ground

maggie_berry(z6CT)June 10, 2012

After three years of tending my strawberry patch, my brother in law has weed-whacked them to the ground. Will they come back next year with not a single leaf on them?

They were June bearing and everbearing. I am so sick...

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That's really unfortunate. One time somebody weed-wacked my thriving sweet-potato patch so I know how you feel. People should have to pass a plant-identification test before being licensed to operate the dam things.

They will no doubt re-leaf as best they can but they are going to lose almost all of their energy input for this year so there will be no increase. In fall or spring I would get some more plants and start a new patch, unless there is an amazing rebound, in which case pull out the new 'spiders' and make a new patch with them.

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It depends on what you mean by "whacked to the ground" If the crown is intact, no problem, they will be fine. In fact, commercial growers and even home gardeners often mow the foliage after the fruiting season is over as a preliminary to bed renewal and to help remove diseased foliage. If they do come back and treat them well, water, fertilize, control diseases, they will be just as vigorous as ever next year.

But, if he literally went to ground level and took out the crowns, they may not come back.

I guess you'll know in a matter of days or a couple of weeks tops.

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He was probably renovating the bed. I've used the wacker for this. Rake out the dead foliage and watch for the crowns to sprout new leaves. Dig out any plants that are dead. It looks awful at first, but the plants usually revive quickly.

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Be sure to keep them moist. Give them some compost as mulch and it will also give them the boost they need to regrow leaves. Deer have done it to our everbearing plants many times and they recover. No dead plants in the bed at all.

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Yep, for sure on the extra nutrition. Compost or manure tea would be good.

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You all are great! I don't see any signs of the plants. But, I have time and compost manure so ... The wait begins...
Thank You all again,

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