Lavender stems for chicken bedding?

spogardenMay 7, 2008

I grow lots of lavender and I have lots of the stems from the flowers left over. I usually use it for mulch in the garden paths but was wondering if I could use it in the chicken coop for bedding. Would the smell be too strong for the 2 month old chickens? I know this may sound kinda weird but I would like to avoid having to go buy something for them if I can just recycle something I already have.

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two messages, sorry folks. the spyware logged me off gardenweb and I didn't see this one, thought it was eaten by the computer gremlins. I am running mcafee now

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johanna_h(Z5 SW MI)

Are you saying you would use ONLY lavender? Or mix it with something else? I think you want something in there that is absorbent like wood shavings to dry out the droppings, don't know if the lavender stems will accomplish that. And you'll want to doublecheck that it's not toxic to them. I imagine including some portion of lavender would make being in the coop pleasant for you if not the chickens! They can be sensitive creatures -- start with a little and see if they seem to like it or if they avoid it like the plague!


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paulns(NS zone 6a)

I like that idea, can't see why not, though it seems a bit twiggy for bedding. I'm going to give it a try as we grow a lot of lavender as well. At least add some to the straw and wood shavings, for the scent.

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I am new to the chicken thing so I wasn't sure if they would love the smell as much as me. It is kinda twiggy and I thought I would break it up a bit. I think I need to probably go buy them some straw too. They don't seem too interested in the nests at all yet. But they love dandilions and clover so I know we are going to be friends. It's easier to pull the dandilions instead of spraying them since I know they are the chicken's dinner.

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