Early signs of cat pregnancy =)

alohamillion123May 17, 2008

We recently adopted a mother cat and 5-6 wk old kitten. The mother cat was exposed to a male cat the day before coming to our home so we were told she may be pregnant. This was almost three weeks ago now and I am not seeing any weight gain or bloated look to her. At what point will I begin to see signs of a pregnancy and how long is the gestation period for cats?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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.... "Exposed to a male cat the day before coming to our home" in what fashion? Was she in season, or did they just sniff noses? If she was in season, and there is reason to think she was bred, which is, as I recall, NOT a silent or unobtrusive process, then yes, she MAY be pregnant.

Try the link below for a listing of pregnancy indications in cats.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cats & pregnancy

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Hi Dib,

Thank you so much for the great informative link. Unfortunately, this mother was a free to good home cat and the former owner informed me of the 'incident' with the male cat out of her own good conscience. So I really do not know what exactly occured btwn my female and the male since I was not there. The incident was less than four weeks ago so I will not be able to see any signs (she is still nursing the kitten) other than weight gain but that seems to be coming up soon if she is in fact pregnant. Again, thanks for the link.

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