baby duck

corritoreMay 24, 2011

Found a baby duck in the middle of the street - Waited for about an hour never saw the mama or any other ducks or babies (maybe he wandered off or something got into the nest and carried him there) so I brought him home and got him all warm under a light , a small thing of water and some duck pellets (which I used water to make them mushy) - He has not eaten or drank I dont think - he seems well though - runs around his box and then curls up and sleeps and does this again and again - he has a little white bump on the end of his beak (egg tooth?) so I think he is fairly young - any ideas on getting him to eat and drink??

Thanks So Much For the Help

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Have you tried dipping his beak into the water? I know that when you order chicks from a hatchery they recommend doing this. Maybe it will work. Good luck.

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