Raising chicken feed?

tasymoMay 26, 2008

A few years down the road, when my DH inheirits his Folk's place, I intend to have a nice little flock of chickens, a veggie garden and various fruit trees and berry bushes. I'd like to try growning a plot of grains, herbs and grasses that I can harvest and dry for feed over the Winter for the chickens. I'd like to keep purchased feed to a minimum if possible. I know chickens will eat comfrey, so that's on my list, as well as flax and sunflowers. What about broomcorn? Any other suggestions would be great! What do you all think of this notion? Is it even feasible? How big a plot do you think I'd need for a small flock of maybe 12 chickens? Thanks! Kathy

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I have been thinking the same thing about raising feed for the chickens. I am going to plant some feed corn for sure. A few rows should be enough for a small flock especially if you have other things to add with it.

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Try Proso Millet. It grows quickly, you harvest the entire stalk and seed head and it stores well for winter. You can also let the birds out in the plot to harves it themselves. Tom

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