Can you tell me the breed of new rooster?

lindakimyMay 5, 2010

My dh was recently gifted a young rooster by a friend of his who had gotten too many males in a shipment of newly hatched chicks. No one around here has been able to identify him so I thought maybe some of you who are so familiar with poultry might know.

Here is another view - less sharp because it is through the fence.

He is still pretty young; his spurs are not an inch long yet. So far he seems rather slender but that may just be me. I'm used to our plump Rhode Island Red and Buff hens.

He is a pretty fellow, isn't he? Any idea what breed?

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I'm just a longtime lurker on the Farm Forum, but I gotta say he IS beautiful.

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velvet_sparrow(Zone 5b, Gardnerville, NV)

Wow, is he ever stunning! Except for his comb, he could be a Kraienkoppe...he's got that 'intense eye' thing going. What is his personality like?

He's not a jungle fowl type, wrong kind of comb...did he come from a hatchery, or is it possible he is a mix? If I had to guess on a mix, I'd say something like Kraienkoppe/Australorp, Kraienkoppe/Leghorn or Kraienkoppe/Americaunas (but he's missing the facial tufts).

He's darned gorgeous, whatever he is!

Velvet ~:>

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brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)

Looks like a Copper Maran to me. Might have a bit too much color to be a straight Black Copper Maran but they do have the penciling on the breast feathers and the copper neck and saddle and black tails as I recall.

Damn gorgeous bird.

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Thanks for your comments. So far he seems pretty easy going but that may be because he is still so young. Other roosters I've known seemed to become more ornery over time. He is noisy. Good thing we live way out in the country. Apparently he thinks the proper response to just about anything is a session of very loud crowing.

I expect he is a mix of some kind. The guy who gave him to dh said he was an Americauna but he doesn't look much like the pictures I've seen of those. I asked dh to see if he could find out more about him from that fellow.

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beautiful. too bad I can't have roosters in the city.

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