Chicks and baby turkeys together, OK?

sewgreen(middlePA)May 15, 2008

We have 21 chicks (our 1st try at this) -and dear friends asked us to babysit their 2 baby turkeys. They were hatched the same week as our chicks. There is room in the chick box for them. I have the turkeys in a rubbermaid tote which seems to be getting too small for them. They are growing so fast. Almost twice the size of our little hens! Can I put them together? Is it safe? They are not quite 3 weeks old.

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I wouldn't do it, I would worry about the turkey poults attacking the smaller chicks. Can you just put the poults in a small box with their own separate heat source?

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velvet_sparrow(Zone 5b, Gardnerville, NV)

Well, at three weeks old I wouldn't chance it. Newly hatched chicks and turkey poults are often housed together, the more clever chicks often teach the poults where and how to find food and water.

But by three weeks I'd separate them for sure.

Velvet ~:>

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sullicorbitt(z5 MA)

I wouldn't do it either, poults are much larger and could hurt the chicks. Definitely separate them.


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I couldn't even introduce chicks that I bought at the local Feed 'n Grain once to mail order chicks that were two days older. (I did eventually.)

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