Injured duck

TonyaLynnMay 14, 2013

One of my ducks that I have raised since birth was attacked on Thursday overnight. We found him in the pond going in a circle. My fiance went into the pond to fetch him as we thought he may have gotten caught on something unseen. His poor leg is mangled! Despite the amount of farms in our area, not a single vet tends to ducks. Most of the muscles in his tibia are gone. We can see bone clearly. A hefty chunk of his muscles from his femur have also been eaten off. His webbing on his foot is torn in two places. He can't stand on it and when he tries to run, he uses his wings almost like crutches. He has no control over his foot. I cleaned it out with salt water everyday since and used Vetericyn (wound and infection care spray from the local feed store) then wrapped it in non-stick pads and gauze. I had a problem with maggots the first couple of days but not any longer. I think it may be healing but I am still concerned. From what I remember of human physiology class, muscles and skin will grow back. I know it will take months of rehabilitation for him to use his leg again. We are keeping him in a pen outside so he is safe from other predators but also so he doesn't re-injure himself while healing. I have a heat lamp, food and water available t him. There is no way I am letting him back into the pond until he has healed. Am I doing the right things? Is there anything else I should be doing? The wound seemed dried out when I changed the bandages this morning. Should I be changing them more often?

I have never had ducks before. I did a lot of reading before I committed to them. I would feel so horrible if I weren't treating him properly. Any suggestions will be welcomed.

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saffron_parasol(4a WI)

I know it's late, considering the date of your post. But, if the duck's still around, how is he? I know the healing capabilities of birds can be great. Just keeping it clean and tended is very helpful. Also, using one of those little cheap wooden paintbrushes to "paint" on some honey, raw is best, mixed with a few drops of water to the wounds daily is amazing. Honey is a great wound treatment. If he'll leave it alone, a little splint made with popsickle sticks and narrow masking tape, not too tightly, may help. If you can, change it daily when you use the honey.

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