goat buck head buttingi

growernut(4/5 NEBR)May 10, 2006

i have a year and four month old boer buck that likes to attack play with me. he will basically head butt me alot. i have been told that by pulling him towards me when he does this will get him to back off and show my dominence. has anyone ever heard of this? i tried it, and it seemed to work, or else he just got tired of me, but the next time i tried it i got tired and he kept on going so i've been somewhat avoiding him. he's a great buck and i dont want to sell or get rid of him, just dont want him to hurt anyone either. thanks for any adivce.


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I have a myotonic buck that started to do that. I would grab his beard and pull him towards me, he didn't like that, but what he hated worse, believe it or not was when I blew air in his face! I'd just bend over and blow in his face and he'd back right off, with his head hanging low.


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mine kept doing this until i "bulldogged" him
I tried everything else, but one day he butted my three year old and so I grabbed him by the horns and flipped him over to his back, he has never tried it since.
I also got a harness and leash trained him, so when I say, "Ah, David" really sharply, he stops.

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sandyl(Zone 6B -7)

You need to wise up and stop your attack playing antic's now or your goat wont be worth having. A full grown boer billy goat isn't something you will won't around long if he's tought this is normal when ever a person comes into his pen.

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growernut(4/5 NEBR)

please reread my post, i am not attack playing he is and i thought i was trying to "wise up" by asking a question. guess some questions are better not asked, but thanks to shellybabe and bolt for your comments, they were appreciated....

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Fill a squirt gun with water. When he tries to butt you, squirt him in the face. Goats hate water. Keep the s.gun handy, perhaps just outside his pen & keep it filled with water. Summers a good time to break this habit.

I agree that the bucks' behavior needs to stop. It will get worse as he ages & grows bigger. He may accidentally hurt you or someone else. He needs to know butting people is not acceptable. If he's a pet, don't scratch or pet him on the head, give scritches on his shoulder or back.

Good luck.

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The only thing about scratching my goat on the back or shoulders is it makes him well horny I guess and then he makes his little billy goat grunt and kicks me with his front leg, and pees on my feet.
How do you stop this??

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How buck-like. Are there any other goats in the pen?

Mine does that occasionally, too. I just step away from him so he doesn't get my feet. You can try the squirt gun. I would work on one problem at a time, though. Goats learn by repetition-it may take several corrective training sessions before he gets it. Or, maybe patting him instead of scratching him. Whatever works with him.

You could always whether him-the behaviors probably wouln't go away but would lessen in frequency.


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littlereo(Conklin Mi.)

Do what Shellybabe did!!!!!! It does work! I have big buck here also, the person we got him from use to do that as a play thing, with him. NOT GOOD, he is now about 190, my husband can bring him down, and sit on him, until he stop kicking!!!!!! I can't. I have tried everthing to bring this guy down, my husband just sits and laughs at me. all I do is go back and forth, I can not bring him down, So I stay out of his pen, unles I have my squirt gun. He Hates That.

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I will try patting instead, he is my stud billy so wethering is not an option,
Now when he looks like he is going to butt me, since I have bulldogged him several times now, all I have to do is say, with a deep voice, "No DAVID"

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I have a four year old 100% registered South African boar billy who had always had been very peaceful until he attacked me out of the blue, no warning. I have feed all my goats and was cleaning up their droppings when he knocked me down and kept me down for a vicous beating. I am now bruised all over, I have two hoof imprints on my side and pelvis area, multiple kick marks on my back. I am bruised from head to toe, front and back. He even pulled my hair in a couple of places and that also hurts, more than I realized it would. There was no warning, in the past he was always very pleasant and mellow.

All I can think of is that it had to be a dominence act.

I pulled his ears and twisted them. The first time I let go he immediately return to attacking me. Then after he got me down again and held me down by putting his neck over me, I got both of his ears, pulled and twisted and held them until he cried, tiwce. He then walked away and so did I. I live far out enough that nobody heard me call for help. It was a nightmare, if I had not grabbed his ears I do not know what would have happened. I now have a cattle prod and only needed to let him feel it once. He now respects me. I just carry it with me.

I never had any idea he would do that. Do not give any human attributes to an animal, we never know how they think.

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We are very careful around our bucks, and certainly do not let the little children in the pen with them for all the reasons stated. Some bucks act negatively towards certain people, yet fine toward others. My daughter (teen) sometimes slaps a certain buck in the face when he starts to get aggressive. A squirt bottle is also a good idea. If the buck becomes particularly problematic, try a water/vinegar solution in the squirt bottle to make your point that this type of behavior will only produce painful results.

Interestingly, we had a very skittish, wild buck that we couldn't catch at all. One day my daughter caught him by the beard and he froze. Now we know that as long as we catch him and hold him by the beard, we can do almost anything with him. Isn't that funny?

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I have a goat that has started headbutting my sliding glass door. Any suggestions on how to stop? Squirt bottle won't work because when I'm out there he stops. But I can't be out there 24-7

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Jo or Jodi Brennan

Currently I have my one and half year old unusual breed buck (sold to me as a Norweigen dwarf, but no such thing per NSG, It's been discussed that he maybe a Nubian Boer mix) on a tether about twenty feet long. He was in a dog kennel until a couple of months ago, being let out on the leash when I'd get home from work, but one morning he was so excited to see me with food he knocked me down. Unfortunately, I fell and landed on a loose wire of the kennel and it went into my knee. So because I was having a difficult time moving around I put him on the leash and now that's where he's been. I was adjusting his placement in the grass to get him more access to another area, and I fixed up another leash to put him on while I unhooked the one he was on. He was hooked up to both of them and that was a fortunate thing, because as I tried to undo the one he knocked me down and began to swing his horns at me. I was able to back away, and thanks to the fact he had both leashes on he couldn't move towards me. I was able to finish unleashing him and moving the tether and hooked him up again, but it did leave me with a definite appreciation for what kind of pain I would experience if he were to pull that tether out of the ground and run to see me with excitement. I'm not sure how to deal with him right now. He has developed a desire to swing his horns at me to hook me. Even though I've never played aggressively with him. I'd always been able to get close to him and hug him. I'm able to pet him some, and try to do so on a regular basis e.g. everyday, morning and night. He loves his back rubbed and I also rub his head and ears, being careful not to let him catch my fingers in his horns. A couple of close calls with that. He almost broke my thumb when it got caught as I was petting him and he lifted his head up. I have not been able to get close to him like I had last year and this spring. I'm sad by that. I also am considering getting one of those paddles to slap on his horns if he trys to hook me again, but I think I may need something to protect myself also. I'm thinking about a cattle prod too. What I read is it's used for making animals move forward. I need it to get him to move back off of me. Is this the only type of thing to use to protect myself and get him to assume a position of, 'only when I touch him can we interact understanding.' Opinions?

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