Ivomec 1% injection dosage for dogs.

harley-13May 9, 2007

I need to know the correct injectable 1% dose for a 85 pound dog. I need also the frequency of the injections, i.e., daily/weekly/monthly and for how long.

Thanking you in advance for responding.



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Dibbit(z7b SC)

Look at the recently brought up posting on Ivomec for dogs - it's all there. And just so you don't try to give your dog a shot with it - s/he would almost certainly becoem VERY ill - monthly, and even though it's the cattle-injectable, you give it orally to dogs.

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I would NOT give my dogs the recommended dose on the Ivomec vial (.1cc/10 pounds) because that's for cattle. Dogs are not cattle. If you read Merial's information you will see that the dosage for swine is lower because swine are not cattle either. The concentration in Heartgard was designed for dogs, so I keep close to that dose, but am not overly concerned about precise accuracy because there is a lot of experience that shows mild overdoses are normally not harmful except for the breeds that have been mentioned. The precise dosage of Ivomec 1% for dogs is 0.0027 cc or ml per 10 pounds. This based on the concentration in Heartgard for dogs. I verified the concentration and dilution with a vet, a pharmacist and a chemist.

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Hi i have schauzer with 14 pound she have sarna sarcostic, and i need to know if is recommended ivomec inyection and what dose. Thanks...

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I recently gave my dog the "appropriate dose" of this ivermectin to prevent heartworms and 12 hours later he was completely blind and partially paralyzed, he had major toxic shock and spent 4 days at the vet with an IV rehabilitating. This is VERY VERY VERY dangerous and I highly recommend purchasing the heartworm tablets from the vet, it maybe the more expensive way out but it is well worth it. According to my vet the "appropriate dose" of the paste or liquid ivermectin is still 200 times the strength of the pill so please please please don't give this to your schauzer as it is more dangerous for little dogs however it is dangerous in all types of dogs.

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to fancydaisies-

Obviously giving your dog 200 times the amount of ivomec as the heartworm pills is dangerous. That's why you shouldn't do that. You should give your dog a dose equivalent to what they would receive based on body weight by the heartworm tablets. Liquid ivermectin is no more dangerous than the tablets themselves because its the exact same ingredient that is IN the tablets. The doses that others have posted is the same amount in the tablets. If you gave your dog 200 tablets worth, that's hardly the medication's fault....

It is not more dangerous, assuming you take the time to educate yourself properly. Please don't scare people away from a perfectly legitimate treatment because YOU DOSED IT WRONG.

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I have an 18 week old English bulldog the vet gave me ivomec to treat the mange. Now after 1 week it has been noted that in the feces of my puppy are worms. Is this residual worms being ejected due to the med,? The puppy had been tested 4 weeks earlier for worms & was clean.

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Hi. One needs to get the dose correct for dogs. Also, some dogs carry a genetic mutation that stops them from metabolizing the drug properly. It can be fatal to them. The genetic problem is associated with herding type dogs (collies, cattle dogs) and requires a genetic test BEFORE dosing (and only orally) with the drug. The test can be done at a vet OR you can find the online company that does the testing and order it directly with them. You just need to use a q tip type swab to swab the inside of your dog's cheek and then properly bag it and mail it to the company and they will test it and give you the results).

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