1 mallard + 1 drake=45 eggs

benslilfoxMay 28, 2008

Ok can anyone explain this to me? My mallard hasn't stopped laying eggs since she started the first of last month. I have thrown out 21 eggs either because of being non-fertile or still borns. I Have 3 eggs in my homemade incubator and Daisy has 21 in her nest now. When I went to check on the nest today there are feathers everywhere. That means she shedding and by that means she should be done laying her eggs right? She has been laying on the eggs off and on but not for long periods of time. She's there most of the morning and then by around noon she's off them and doesn't return to them until late night. So my question is- should I go back out there, go thru her eggs and candle them and get the oldest into my incubator to see if they'll make it or what? There is no possible way for her to incubate all them herself. That much is obvious. Any suggestions?

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I had several ducks who successfully hatched over twenty eggs each. Unlike chickens, the nests of ducks are kept very warm thanks to all those feathers. Your duck, though, might not be ready for serious sitting yet, and is planning to add more eggs to the nest. If you're concerned, you can hatch some in the incubator and let her continue to build her cache up to the size she likes.

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I went threw her eggs yesturday and got rid of 5 eggs. she started setting on them last wednesday and hasn't left but to go bath in the pond and eat. so now she has 16 that I know are not rotten and are fertile. I got rid of the ones that had the blood ring and there was only one that smelled bad. So hopefully we're on track and she has a good hatch. Only time will tell now right? So question--- for the two mallard eggs I got left in my incubator, when do I stop turning them and lower the temp. a bit and humidity? I have a still air and I turn them by hand and mist them with water plus I have water in the incubator as well. I have read that mallard eggs hatch on the 26th day and you stop turning them on the 23rd day not 28 days and stop turning them on the 25th day. Which is it?

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HELP!! My year and half old female mallard has laid a nest of 14 eggs & counting. It is mid October in S. Louisiana. Is there any possibility these eggs can be incubated & hatched? Just seems too late for this to happen but she is busy filling up that nest!!

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It's Mid October in NY too, but the problem is heat.... How cold is it now and how cold will it be in a month 30 days? I don't know about Louisiana weather, but it will take 28 days for eggs to hatch.... And that's 28 days after she's finished laying!

If it'll be too cold in a month, I suggest you move her into a comfy box indoors.

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