when to remove unhatched eggs from goose nest

critterkeeperMay 31, 2008

Mother goose has a large cache of eggs and the first one has hatched successfully. No more have hatched since yesterday. I understand that it can take up to 35 days incubation for geese. Yesterday was day 29. How many days should I wait to remove the unhatched eggs. I do not want to disturb her at this point nor do I want her to brood too long.

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I'd wait till day 35 or day 40, then candle the eggs to see if there is any movement.

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Mother Goose pulled all the eggs out of her nest so I assumed it was time to remove them. I didn't have the heart to break them because I would be distressed if they had just not made it to the end. But she has one healthy little gosling to look after. I let her out with her baby but the ganders immediately attacked it. I thought Father Goose was supposed to be protective. I plan to banish them to the barnyard until Baby Goose is big enough to deal with them. Isn't that unusal for that to happen?

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I found a wild goose egg in the field today and took it inside. Unfortunately, it dropped in the house and cracked and a little of the fluid leaked out, but the egg still seems to be ok and no more is leaking. I have an opti light on it in a bedroom. This is a first! What should I do?

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