introducing chicks to hens

grullablue(5)May 26, 2012

I've raised two flocks of chickens....but they came together, grew up together, and didn't have to introduce them. Now, I have 8, 3 year old hens, and have four chicks, about a month old.

How should I introduce them when it's time, and should I wait until the chicks are close to their size? My girls are RIR's and Black Australorps, and the chicks I got are columbian wyandottes. I had wondered if they would "take chicks under their wing..." or would they kill 'em? I have introduced a lone hen to my flock once....and they argued a lot, but only for a couple days.

So, do you wait until the chicks are nearly full grown?



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I had this situation a few weeks ago. My hens are about four years old and there are 6 of them. I had to add 16 new chicks about a month old. My hens are all pets so they seemed to accept them just fine. They looked at them a few times but there were no fights. The young ladies kinda had an understanding with the hens that the hens ruled and the chicks were to mind their p's and q's.(-:
Then someone gave my son a pekin duckling a couple weeks ago and I added him to the mix. The duckling seemed to get along well too.I hope your hens accept your new chicks! Good luck!

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