How many eggs under a broody hen?

johanna_h(Z5 SW MI)May 23, 2008

Hooray! My black Australorp hen has decided to set. I'd like to maximize the opportunity for chicks, does anyone have an opinion of how many eggs would be best to leave under her? I have 14 hens, so there are plenty of eggs around. I want to get her up to the max quickly so they'll all be the same age.



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My Australorp just hatched 11 out of 13 eggs. I gave her 10 and her flock mates gave her the other three so I just left them. If she's a good hen and this time of the year I'd certainly give her a doz. If you notice that she can't cover them all just remove a few. But I betting an Australorp can cover a dozen.....

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