runningtrailsMay 6, 2009

I may be getting a dog! Someone I know has a Landseer that is 14 mos old that she is giving away to a good home. There is no one home to play with the him anymore and they are just too busy. There is usually someone home always at my house, most days. They are an offshoot of the Newfoundlander and have such great temperatments.

I'm getting a kitten too, male and a few months old. Big enough to take some play from the Landseer, which is huge.

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That's great runningtrails. Don't know anything about Newfoundlanders or Landseers.

Know plenty about cats. I'm sure you are but, please be sure to have him neutered. Lot less problems that way. He's probably already old enough.

My dog who is over 12 has learned not to bother the cats. She won't play with them, but she won't hurt them either. But, it still a new learning experience everytime we've introduced a new cat into the household.

Good luck with your new fur babies.

Here is a link that might be useful: MY BLOG

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Runnintrails what a beautiful breed of dog! Can you get pics?

I'd never heard of the breed so looked it up.

This breed sounds like one I'd like to try if I can ever get over my Pyrs (doubt it). Are they common in the U.S?

That link recommends cutting the double dews-wish they'd state why they recommend things like that. Ours have the double dews & they seem to help with traction in the snow, plus they are functional & have working muscle so we opt to keep them. No issues to date with them getting caught or torn off.

Spaying & neutering is a good thing if you're not planning on breeding. It is a personal choice though each owner has to decide.

Good luck with the pooch! I'd love to hear updates on how he does.


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I saw pics of him yesterday. He is so beautiful and sweet! The Landseer is really a Newfoundlander. They only recently got an individual classification. Newfoundlanders are used for water rescue dogs on the east coast. They pull drowning people from the water. I know he'll be in the pond daily in the summer, when (not IF) I get it done. I'm ok with that.

They have such a great disposition, but are protective. The size is sufficient to scare a lot of people away. He is HUGE! but that's what we want. I see daily training every morning and evening for awhile. They are very intelligent and trainable dogs. We have always had a dog and trained them well.

I sure hope we can get him. The woman who owns him is away for the weekend. I met with her yesterday. She is actually a mature student at the college where I work. She laughed when I said I could pick him up this weekend. I think she wants to do some research into where he is going first. I know she'll be happy with us as parents. We have lots of space for him too. Maybe she has other parents to choose from, I don't know.

Not definate yet, but I'm praying!!!

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