feeding a baby duck?????

frannyoaklyMay 23, 2007

Hello, my husband saved a duckling this morning.Mother and sibling had a unfortunate cat attack. Our little guy was untouched, but scared.So of course I went to the web to try to find out how to care for our little guy.What I have found for information has seemed to be mixed on feeding and care.I would like to make this little guy healthy and happy.Any suggestions? I do not have a clue on how old this guy could be still has down, dark grey in color, maybe 6-7 inches long. my main concern is I am unable to get to a feed store for a couple of days and woundering what I can do in the mean time????(local pet store couldnt help me)any and all info would be helpful to this first time ducky mom.

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Maggie_J(z5 Ontario)

I'm not expert on ducks, but if you have any grain products in the house, ducky could certainly eat those until you can get to a feed store. I assume this is a wild duck? I would try a mix of grain (cornmeal, cracked or whole wheat,oatmeal, barley etc.) ground very fine in a blender or pounded in a mortar and mixed with water to make a crumbly texture. In a pinch, even whole grain bread broken up and soaked would be better than nothing. Add finely chopped dandelion greens and grass (make sure there are no pesticides or herbicides on them) and see if he will take that.

He needs constant supply of drinking water in a container deep enough to dip his whole head but not so deep he can fall in and drown. A bowl partly filled with pebbles works well... leaving a deep spot for dunking his head to clean his eyes and nostrils.

He is also going to need grit for his little gizzard... a clump of sod with the dirt attached or some coarse sand should do the trick for now. Ducklings are very messy and he will need his quarters cleaned out often. He will also need a companion or he will likely be very noisy... a lonely only will complain almost constantly. Sometimes a little stuffed animal or a mirror helps until you can get company for him.

It may be illegal to keep a wild duckling in your area... It might be best to call a wildlife rehab centre and turn the duckling over to them before you get too attached.

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Can anyone please help me?
Approx how many times a day do you feed 3-4 week old ducklings? I have food 24-7 but they make more of a mess than eat. I give them a treat once in the morning and 1 more time when I get home. Tomatoes,Romain, Brocoli, red bell pepper and Crickets chopped really fine almost a puree. About 2 t-spoons for both Babies at a time.
Is fruit good for them? Oranges, Peaches, Mangos,Grapes and watermelon. I thank all that can help me!

Need help please I don't want to hurt or under feed my Babies Gizmo & Goldie
Thank You, Demetri

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I found an article on the net that answers some of these questions although they do not address how many times a day to feed them.

Here is a link that might be useful: how to care for baby ducks

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I raise swans,we take care of them after theyre born theyre prey to alot of animals.We get crushed feed at feed store,keep this and water on hand for him to eat whenever he wants,the feed is high protein for few weeks but then you must cut back or he will get leg problems.

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