End of the Season Sales, would you buy?

rjingaJune 3, 2011

I am always tempted by the big sales that a few of the online places I have ordered from offer on end of the season plants/bulbs/seeds etc.

Like for example asparagus, potatoe seed. Many are like 80% off, which allows the opportunity to get a nice bunch of roots for very cheap, and it is very tempting in fact so much so that I have actually ordered some!

So when it comes to actually planting these things, of course, I am planting with no expectation of anything happening this season, is it still worthwhile to do it?

Any tips on what to do with seed potatoes in JULY in Georgia? I figure that I can more easily plant the asparagus and wait to plant the potatoes til later in the fall?

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AS for the potatoes, when is the recommended planting date for your area? Here, we plant in August so July seed potatoes are not a big deal. You just keep them cool or a month. (they need to mature when your soil is below 80 degrees, but it's okay to start them when it is still very hot outside. They put on lots of green top growth and then start forming tubers when the weather cools down.)

I've bought old seed packets and I'd do that again in a heartbeat (not onions or other seeds with a short lifespan, but certainly tomatoes, etc.)

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I've gotten some of my best plants over the years off of clearance racks, from catalog sales, etc. If it's a mail order nursery, as long as it seems reputable and will guarantee that the stuff isn't dried out and dead, I would go for it. When it's local, you can of course judge for yourself.

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wertach zone 7-B SC

I live in SC similar weather conditions. I have planted potatoes in mid July with good success but I had to water them.

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Which of the companies are offering the best deals?

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